Our Mission Statement:

 To Spark a lasting interest in Mechanical Repair in the VT Community.

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About Us

VT Auto is a student-led program created by Village Tech High School Seniors to promote a love and interest in automotive repair and appreciation. As Seniors, we have identified a need in our community and have made it our goal to find a solution - students, like us, currently do not have an outlet to pursue a learning in automotive education.  VT does not have an Auto Class, so we are taking the initiative to make sure that future students have the opportunity to explore their interest in this field.  


We founded VT Auto with the mission to provide hands on access to the tools and training that students will see at a vocational or college training course, provide all students with basic auto maintenance knowledge, and most of all, to foster a love and appreciation for automobiles.  We would like to provide a fully operational class where the students can learn about the mechanics that make up a vehicle to give them an introduction into mechanical work. We will promote basic vehicle maintenance throughout the community via interactive demonstrations. Viper Automotive is a campus-wide student club focused on car and truck appreciation.  


We know that by giving students these opportunities we can strengthen their interest and understanding of mechanical repairs, better preparing them to enter the workforce. There are many students across various grade levels that have expressed an interest in the program, and we are excited to be the first step in making it a reality. 

Personal Ties

Cristian Ortega

"For me, Cristian Ortega, cars were never a big thing during my early childhood. It was not until my 9th and 10th-grade year at Village Tech Schools that I realized that I had a passion for auto mechanics and the customization of street vehicles. My friends had a lot to do with pushing me into this field of knowledge and from then my passion took off. From then I have done more than I can imagine from finally getting my truck to work to having the chance to have an apprenticeship at a custom mechanic shop. I can’t wait to own my own shop and being able to do what I love as my career."

Adrian Castrellon

"The reason I got into cars is because I wanted to learn more about how to fix them so I don't have to worry about spending a lot of money going to a mechanic shop. I always had an eye on old cars and how they are designed and made. To me, they seem unique. I always wanted to work on cars after I saw them in the streets and movies I watched about cars. Also, I like to help people fix the cars and figure out the problem with their car. "

Jacob Conn

"The reason I got into cars was because all my life growing up we had a 1967 mustang sitting in the garage torn apart just asking to be restored, so when i turned 16 and was looking for a car i persuaded my dad to restore the car, so my dad, a good friend mark and I restored the car and during that summer is was really sparked my interest in cars."

Peter Van Ausdale

"I grew up around people that were very mechanically knowledgeable. I found learning from them was very interesting. When I had learned enough I started to do my own work on things around the house and eventually on cars. Through highschool I have worked at multiple places that worked with the mechanics of cars. Working at these places has grown my interest and understanding of mechanical systems a lot."

Gyanco Cruz Figuroa

"Ever since I was a little kid I've always been interested in cars and how they work. It all started with my cousin fixing up his car and me being there to help him, the more time I spent with him and his car the more I became interested in cars. Since then I've always liked fixing cars I find joy whenever the problem is solved. I grew a passion for cars, especially Japanese ones because of their uniqueness."

Parker Griffin

"I have always wanted to find an old car and fix it up. I would see my friend’s Dad buy an old Junker and then turn it into a beautiful car. I never grew up with a Dad teaching me how to work on cars. I became interested in learning more about how things work. There is so much out there in Automotive that I can't wait to learn. I love to put things together and take them apart. It reminds me of when I was younger and I played with Legos."

Garrett Wynne

"I’ve always been interested in how things work so it’s no surprise that my dad’s passion for cars would rub off on me. From the time my Dad first brought me into the shop to help him restore our first Camaro together, I have enjoyed every project, problem, and frustrating search for a tool ever since. My favorite part of working on a new project is the new things I learn from others and myself along the way."

Taylor McCaleb

"I have been working on cars for as long as I can remember. I grew up with a Grandfather who has not only been an Aircraft Mechanic in the Navy for many years but also worked in the Parts Department of a Dodge Dealership for many years. Every time a vehicle had a problem in our family my Grandfathers was always the one to fix it and I would always be by his side. He taught me everything I know."

Our Why

Many high school students do not want to go to a four-year university and unfortunately, their interests are often pushed to the bottom of high school courses that are offered. These students want to focus on practical knowledge and skills programs mixing classroom and experience learning, rather than research, analytical thinking, and problem-solving courses. If a graduate has had prior experience taking high school courses in automotive technology he or she, may have a better direction on which path they want to pursue as a career. Unfortunately, right now Village Tech does not have any automotive courses, so hopefully,  a college counselor can advise a student to make the right choice on what direction he or she wants to concentrate on, but experiencing these skill courses in high school will better prepare a trade bound student. The Forge needs to expand and include automotive technology skill classes.

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